Audits and inspections

Emkanaat Ships Management (VSM) is equipped to provide support to the Ship Owners, Managers and Operators as one stop all solution covering various aspects of Shipping thereby having a team of highly competent Marine professional and team of Inspectors/Superintendents/Technicians available to join at short notice to attend jobs on site (off shore and ashore).

External Navigation Audits

Navigational incidents are where the ship owner’s largest risks lie due to which the ship owner’s company reputation is becoming more serious. Preventing these accidents is not difficult. The techniques for safe navigation are widely known and when mastered and professionally carried out, the navigational risks are notably reduced. Navigational Audit is a tool to increase the navigational safety standards in a shipping company. Our Auditors go on board and discuss the scope of attendance. It is understood and detailed by the company that certain number of hours shall be dedicated to program every single day of attendance. This shall include interviewing each officer and carry out minimum set of trainings / PPT presentations, real-time assessments and open forums

Gap analysis / Preparation

Past learning experiences is the best mode to avoid potential future incidents. Our qualified consultants with prior work experience on the incident investigation desk of Oil Majors, and carry with extensive experience not only in incident investigation but also in gap analysis and suggesting effective closures.