Company Policy

Quality in The Company ensures that The Manning Services offered to our Clients and Seafarers are rendered according to The Clients and Seafarers requirements in an honest and efficient manner and in particular in accordance with local and international regulations prevailing in the scope of:- Protection of Life at Sea - Safety in Shipping - Labour Rights – Protection of the Environment The Company's management represented by The Director confirms the commitment of The Company to its Clients and Seafarers to carry out The Quality Policy as defined in The Quality Manual. The Quality Policy covers a commitment to:
  • Discern with care and in detail the requirements of The Clients and Seafarers.
  • Honestly inform The Clients and Seafarers of the realistic ability of The Company to respond to their requirements.
  • Adjust The Company's activity and Procedures to meet Clients‘ requirements in a manner which remains reliable, repeatable, and univocally documented.
  • Act in accordance with maritime conventions and laws and in particular with The Maritime Labor Convention 2006.
In connection with the above The Company: - Undertakes to provide Seafarers with all essential information concerning their conditions of work, contracts of employment, rights and associated obligations in connection with their proposed employment. - Undertakes to deal in a thorough manner with every complaint or question raised by Seafarers, or members of their family, relating to their employment. - Holds Professional Indemnity Insurance. 5) Strive to build a “team building“ atmosphere with The Clients and Seafarers. 6) Maintain respect for The Company’s employees, The Company‘s Clients, their employees, Seafarers and all those with whom The Company has day to day dealings, irrespective of nationality, colour, religion, gender or sexuality. 7) Avoid activity which could undermine the credibility of The Company or which could damage or endanger the environment. 8) The improvement of staff qualifications and an improvement to The Procedures listed in The Quality Manual. Every employee of The Company is obliged to carry out The Quality Policy of The Company within the scope of his/her job description and remains personally responsible in this respect. The responsibility for implementing The Quality Policy lies with The Director of The Company.